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Development path

 ● The company was established in 2002, the main production and sales of high-end dust cover
● In 2004, it produced cars with constant speed drive half shafts, and the products were exported to the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other places
● Supporting FOS Blue Dragon, QQ, Lifan 520 in 2006
● In 2007, American ARCTIC CAT realized the exclusive supply of ATV models
● Supported by China Brilliance, China Gold Cup and BYD in 2008
● Supporting supply of NTN in Japan in 2009
● The drive shaft manufacturing department was established in 2012
● In 2013, the cross drive shaft was supplied with POLARIS in the U.S., ATV and UTV models
● In 2014, high-speed drive shaft supporting supply, three-wheeled sports car model
● In 2015, drive the half shaft to develop the Zhonghua V3, and exclusively supply the Jinbei Huasong model
Development trend
● 2006 turnover of 50 million yuan
● 2010 turnover of 80 million yuan
● In 2012, the turnover exceeded 100 million yuan
● In 2014, the turnover exceeded 120 million yuan
● 2016 turnover target of 150 million yuan